Monday, March 30, 2009

Sappy moments

In bell hooks's memoir WOUNDS OF PASSION, she writes about this great love affair--a partnership, really, that lasted 12 years. When this love affair started, she describes how wonderful everything was, "It was a true and perfect union. We could lie together after hours of passionate lovemaking and recite poems" (hooks 61). I love bell hooks. I really do, but reading this, I was almost ill. This is a perfect example of romanticizing the past. I mean, really!?!

Then, I wonder if I'm just callous because to me, reciting poetry after hours of lovemaking sounds like a painful cliche, some "dream" of what "poets" ought to do and be. I'm completely resistant to falling into the traps of what it means to be "poet," "writer," or "artist."

I remember in my undergrad & even during my grad writing workshops, there were always these stories about "all night lovemaking" followed by hours of gently crying each other to sleep. Sure, it may be true or not, but ultimately, who would really want this? Is this what people truly desire? Am I just some callous, unromantic bitch?


  1. Yes, yes you are a callous, unromantic bitch! ;) Seriously, though, this kind of stuff makes me a bit nauseous, too.

  2. So I don't really know where to put this sort of message, but I'm in a creative nonfiction course at Illinois State and the plan is to read your book, Changing, for next week. I just finished it and I think I'm supposed to lead discussion on it when we have class, but I'm not quite sure. And word on the street is that you're coming to this town next week as well. And I can't seem to put this run-on thought together very well.

    Mostly I just wanted to say I really liked your book, and the structure knocked my fucking socks off.


  3. thanks!! I love knocking socks off!!