Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Earl Grey Tea

I like Earl Grey tea with honey and milk (preferably rice but soy will also do). Before this summer, I had a firm dislike for Earl Grey tea. Then, I had it with milk and honey & then, love.

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  1. so i think your posts are funny and dear, because they remind me of some words spoken by a character in a movie i recently saw, the class (french movie on inner-city education/Paris, and the sad failures of it all). anyway, one new kid in the class presents his little essay on himself, a personal memoir of sorts, and he speaks about what he likes, what he dislikes, and it is all rather poetic. now if this leads you to watch the film, that is great:), because i think this poetic part of the film opens out into lots of bigger and hard issues to grapple with as we move into our next era as the next generation of parents, teachers, leaders, etc. miss you lily! xoxo jenny