Friday, March 13, 2009


I like books. I love books. It seems though that I am a dying breed.

There's this conversation that keeps repeating--the record skipping, continually bringing me back, regardless of my own desires--about the death of the book. I don't buy it. I believe there will always be book lovers, people who want to read books, people who want to make books. The books of the future will be beautiful. They will be even more lovely than we can conceive now.

And the trash, the shit they sell in the cookie-cutter bookstores, let all that go onto Kindle. I won't mourn their loss. But books, real books, book-objects, they will survive. They will remain. Those will be the books I will fall for, over and over again.

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  1. Hi Lily,

    Speaking of books: I was wondering if you'd be into putting a top ten list together of your favorite novellas and a few lines, if you like, about each. I've reached out to a bunch of writers, editors, etc. Among others, Scott Esposito, Molly Gaudry, Cooper Renner, Adam Robinson, Peter Selgin, Leni Zumas, have agreed to participate. Once I get everyone's back, I'll post them on my blog along with links to everyone's respective websites.

    Drop a line at