Wednesday, August 19, 2009

finishing stories: an update

so far, i've finished 16 stories. i'd like to finish 21 stories for the collection, and i have more than enough in my vault of "story starts."

thing is: there is an odd gender balance. of the 16 stories, only 4 are from other women. when i originally solicited unfinished stories, there was a gender balance.

so i wonder: are women more "protective" of their writing? or is this merely a coincidence? would i be so generous to share my work with others? is it a question of generosity? i'm not really sure i'd even be able to answer this until it happened, although i love the idea of collaboration.

of course, i've had males voice their concern over sharing their work, and i think this is perfectly legitimate. furthermore, i could do ANYTHING with these stories, and these writers would have their names attached to it.

certainly, i don't write this as any kind of criticism! it's more of a curiosity. i'm grateful to those who have shared while fully understand why others have not. i'm not really sure what i'm saying. mostly, i haven't blogged in a while.

i do have to say though, i think the stories i've finished are pretty cool. it's exciting to have starting point, and i don't even have to come up with my own story!