Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jackie Wang letters a letter about EVO REV

Jackie Wang is nothing short of impressive. Her essays are sophisticated and sharp. And now, she's started an epistolary review series, and she's chosen my humble EVOLUTIONARY REVOLUTION as the inaugural book! Check it out here at Bomblog.

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  1. Lily, I wrote a long comment the other day, and I cannot believe it was erased. Anyway, I first off want to say Hats Off! Everything Jackie's letter says about you is accurate. Your work is wonderful. And oddly, even though I have not yet had a chance to work with you, I miss you and your presence. I wish I could import you to my MFA program. I stopped by St. Mark's and tried to find a copy of the Fairytale Review -- I cannot wait to read the Yellow issue when it comes out. All my best, Serena