Monday, October 19, 2009

BBC Vietnam write-up

Here's something Hai Le wrote about me & Changing for the BBC Vietnam. If you read Vietnamese, it's quite nice!
BBC Vietnam


  1. Hi Lily,
    I'm Vietnamese and I read Hai Le's comments about your CHANGING on BBC Vietnam. I love the I-ching too. So why don't you try to public a vietnamese version of this book. It could be good, because many vietnameses like me want to read it more.
    Tam (,

  2. hi lily, i don't see an email so i'll keep my thoughts brief. just wanted to say i enjoyed changing as well and it helped expand my idea of what was possible on the page. some of the pieces also reminded me of the transformations that occur in mathematics, of taking one idea and transforming it through a series of steps into an equivalent idea that initially did not resemble the first; in this way metaphor shares attributes with the mathematical operator. seeing those two aspects in your work influenced and helped push one of my pieces in particular toward its final form, 'makings of an amateur meteor' over at abjective. thanks for your sparks of language.