Monday, September 21, 2009

Kate Greenstreet

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going to a kickass poetry reading (Carrie Olivia Adams & Kate Greenstreet) at Tasha Matsumoto's apartment. Carrie Olivia Adams was great. Her poetry is solid. Kate Greenstreet, however, blew the air out of me. She reads softly, almost mumbling at times, her poems half-memorized, flipping through her book for markers of the few words she needs. Perhaps it was the softness of her voice or her bare feet or the poetry itself, but the whole room seemed to vacuum sound to hear her words. Kate makes me rethink what a reading ought to do. When I read, I'm loud, anxious, etc. Her reading was the opposite, and it functioned beautifully.

Afterwards, shyly, I introduced myself and offered to trade books, and can you believe it, she'd actually heard my name!?! Unbelievable! Then, although she's been plagued by headaches, we went to dinner with her charming, questioning, absolutely fantastic husband Max. Over dinner, it seemed like we had the most improbable conversations, and because of their improbability, they'll stay with me as cherished artifacts of our meeting.

So yes, Kate & Max: you made my week. I've been feeling pretty dolor of late, and you both have given me something invaluable. Thank you.

Everyone else: Kate & Max will probably be coming to a city near you soon. If you can, go check her out. She will blow you away. Brilliant brilliant brilliant.

Just typing this, I am humbled.

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