Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Book

I sent out this email earlier to some folks about a new book I'm starting. If I didn't email you, please don't have hurt feelings. Instead, send me YOUR unfinished story to:

So summer is almost here. I have just six more finals to grade, and I have no writing projects.

And this is where you come in... This summer, I'd like to write a short story collection, but I'd like to finish YOUR stories (or something resembling stories). If you have something to spare that is unfinished, please, let me finish it. After I've finished it, I'll send it back to you, just to make sure you're not horribly embarrassed with what I've done with your work.

I'll try to finish the collection this summer. Then, I'll edit (& I'll ask for your input, of course). Then, I'll start submitting in September. Too easy for you, huh?

So, will you play? Send me your unfinished spare stories. Let me finish them. Let's have a mash up, collaborative story fun summer.


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